Top Himalayan Treks To Do In 2021

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Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Himalayan Trek has Situated at a height of 12,250 ft and the view from the top is just mesmerizing. The Brahmatal trek gives views of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. It is said that the best season to do Brahmatal trek is spring, autumn, and winter. In each season the Himalayan Trek will give you a whole different experience. 

The difficulty level of Brahmatal Trek – The difficulty level of Brahmatal trek is Moderate, It is Preferred that people with trekking experience should come here.

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Is a Complete package in itself. It has Dark Pine forests, Glacier valleys, Camping on the riverside, it has 40 plus sharp Bends which offer great views of Manali And Kullu Valley. There is a river crossing also in between which can be a little challenging

Best time to Visit – The best time to visit the Hampta Pass trek is Mid June to Mid October.

Level Of Difficulty – The level Of Difficulty of Hampta’s pass ranges from Easy to Moderate. 

Chadar Trek 

Chadar trek Is situated at 3383m and Chadar trek is described as only one word – Surreal. Chadar Himalayan trek is so good that you will get lost in the beauty of the frozen thick ice and when you walk on it, it will feel as if you are in a dream. In earlier days when the local villagers used to clear all the debts before crossing this trek as it is considered a very difficult trek. In earlier days people used to use this trek as a bridge to buy supplies for the upcoming months. 

Level Of Difficulty of Chadar trek – Chadar trek is considered a difficult trek in India. 

Best time to visit – The Best time to visit the Chadar trek is Mid Jan to End Feb. 

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek is Located in Uttrakhand at an Altitude of 11,827ft. Dayara Bugyal Trek is considered a perfect Himalayan trek because it has all the elements of a trek – it has beautiful forests, thrilling climbs at high peaks, old ancient villages, wonderful mountain views of Uttarakhand, and these mountains are fully covered in snow in winter.

Level of Difficulty of Dayara Bugyal Trek – The difficulty level of this trek is moderate. 

Best time to Visit – The best time to visit is from September to June. 

Beas Kund Glacier Trek

Beas Kund Glacier is the place where the river Beas Originates. The river starts from there and it flows between the mountains giving a scenic view. Shitidhar, Friendship peak, Hanuman Tibba Is Visible from here. Beas Kund Himalayan trek is known for the flora and fauna found here and also Beas Kund is the favorite place of Shepherds so you can find sheep and watchdogs grazing there. 

Level Of Difficulty – The Level of Difficulty of Beas Kund trek is Easy 

Best time to visit – The best time to visit Beas Kund Trek is Mid May to Mid October.

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Is considered an absolute paradise for Himalayan Trekkers. Har Ki Dun Is situated at a height of 6200m. It Is very Rich in Flora and Fauna. There is a variety of Flowers, Animals, Plants and also it offers a great view of Snow Capped Mountains. There is A Govind wildlife sanctuary where there are lots of rare animals like vultures and many more are found. You can also stargaze at night by your campsite and it is believed that The Sunrise is the best thing which you will see here. 

Best time to visit – The best time to visit Har Ki Dun is from April to June. 

Level Of Difficulty – Level of Difficulty for Har Ki Dun Is Easy to Moderate. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Is Known as the Prettiest Himalayan Trek in India. It is an Amazing Place for Nature Lovers and Adventure Lovers. There Are Lakes that are named after the gods and each one of them has interesting stories behind them, and even while trekking you will see villages below you and even Sonmarg is visible from this trek. 

Best time to visit – The best time to Visit Kashmir Great Lakes is From June To September. 

Level Of Difficulty – The level OF difficulty for this Himalayan trek is moderate to difficult.

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