Top 10 Professional Baking Supplies for Home Bakers

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If you’re a beginner baker who just started on the sweet course, it’s better to be ready for your path ahead with a list of must-haves baking tools. Baking isn’t an easy task and requires a lot of effort, helped by different tools in the process. 

A simple miss out on equipment can bring your efforts to zero. Either you are baking a cake or decorating it; baking tools can simplify the process with better results. 

So, to ease out your overall baking experience, we’ve tried to list down all the necessary bakery supplies and help you create your very own baking kit. 

Must-have Baking Apparatuses

Here are the tools you will need in your kitchen! Our list comprises items that you will often reach these more often to bake a patty or stir up batches of cookies. Before starting on your baking journey, make sure you have these tools at your disposal.

Countertop mixer- Countertop mixer is preferable to hand mixers for baking. Hand mixers are affordable, but countertop mixers are more durable and can frequently manage and form thick batters. 

You don’t have to whisk the batter with your hands with a countertop model; plus, you can make huge batches of batter in a single time. However, if you are just doing it for your family and friends, even a hand mixer is just fine. 

Measuring cups and spoons- Baking is a matter of precision. So having a whole set of measuring spoons and cups is a must-have. There is no way you can get by with a single-size measuring cup; both dry and liquid measuring cups are essential to add each ingredient in perfect proportion. 

Keep this bakery supply at your reach, as you will need them every time. Most of the spoon sets have teaspoons, tablespoons, ¼ teaspoons, and ½ teaspoons. Whereas most of the measuring comes are available in sets with one cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, and ¼ cup. 

You can keep a 1-cup size for measuring liquid but having 2 cups and 4 cup sets completes the kit.

Get a kitchen scale- While baking, you need to follow a specific recipe, and a kitchen scale helps to weigh ingredients in a flash. Sometimes recipes mention pounds and grams instead of cups. To spare the horror of the wrong recipe, a kitchen scale comes to the rescue. You can either choose a mechanical scale or a digital scale. Both these variants offer accurate measurement, but the digital scale is easier to store and use than its counterpart. 

Kitchen timer- We often forget the cake in the oven, leading to unfortunate charring and wailing smoke alarms. Such incidents can only be prevented with a kitchen timer that can signal when an item has completed baking. So get a kitchen timer, and bake at peace without worrying about smoke alarms and burned cakes. 

Non-stick baking mat- With silicon or non-stick baking mats, you won’t have to worry about the cookies and candies sticking to the sheet. Silicone baking mats are one of the most preferred and reusable options. Whether you are roasting vegetables or meat, or baking cookies, a silicone mat is your all-time kitchin partner. It offers a smooth base to roll out cinnamon sticks, pizza dough, pie dough, and more. Plus, the bottom of the cookies is always evenly baked and easily comes off the mat.

Fabric pastry bags- Bakers use fabric pastry bags in commercial kitchen settings. They are reusable and hold a decent quantity of frosting in one go. Plus, they tightly fit with various pastry tips helping you get the desired design you want on the cake. You can get different designs for cookies and cakes, and they are widely available in various sizes. 

Rolling pins- Many chefs use rolling pins to keep up with the artisan styles of baking. However, we prefer wooden rolling pins as it offers an easy grip. However, a French rolling pin offers tapered ends to manage and control fondant and tuile cookies easily.

Oven thermometer- Unless you own a new oven or regularly maintained oven, the temperature of your oven is slightly inaccurate. Incorrect temperature hampers the baked item, and your efforts and investment values come down to zero. An oven thermometer can easily prevent this mess. They are affordable and irreplaceable baking tools in the kitchen. Position it in your oven and get the accurate temperature every time you bake cookies. 

A number of spatula and whisks- Durable spatula mix, stir ingredients, spread frosting, scuffs the sides of a bowl, etc. I prefer wood base spatulas over silicone ones, as they are not very useful while working with heavy batter. However, get a set of heavy-duty spatulas, as they will last longer and help you beat the batter every day. 


With our suggested list, we hope to have suggested all the required tools that will help you in a seamless baking experience. Now that you are aware of all the baking essentials, so put your skills into action. Prepare and enjoy homemade varieties of cakes, cookies, and candies with these tools. Start baking now! 

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