Explore the Modern Office Designs of Top Interior Designers

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Interior Designers Office: It is only normal that when you walk through an interior designer’s office to have the first opinion about his aesthetic point of view, what do experts think of while working on their office designs? Here are a few ideas about how top designers designed their offices to convey their point of view to their clients while working clearly and effectively.

Different Interior Designers And Their Work

1- Brown Davis Architecture & Interiors | Miami Beach, Florida

This architect tries always to add 1970’s vintage furniture to his designs and that’s what he also did in his office. He stimulated work efficiency by adding big windows to encourage natural light with a view to the gardens. Contemporary art is found everywhere around the office.

Interior Designers
Home Interior Design

2- Redesign Home | Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Redesign homes have a habit of having a selection of finishes and materials that they apply to their designs and are discussed with the clients. To better see the colors and to keep the client in the loop while choosing their finishes, they opted for large size windows.

This interior designer’s office is also known to optimize space, therefore they opted for a two-room office with a sitting area where they discuss the projects and a studio area where the whole wall has pinnable boards to add images, finishes, and drawings. One of the ways to optimize space is to add artworks to the wall as well as books to the shelves that the client can buy, In that way, they are using the wall and shelves to decorate the room and well as a showroom area.

Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

3. Sims Hilditch | England

This office is located on a historical site of the 16th century. The architect aimed to create a modern office design in this historical building while keeping its heritage. They opened the space up to add more light and create a calming environment in which to work. 

They have the same process with their clients where they work to offer good productivity of the employees as well as a contemporary modern design.

4. Leblanc Design, Llc | Boston, Massachusetts

While working on her office interior designer, Leblanc put the client in mind. She chose a clean palette with calm colors and an uncomplicated space to keep room for creativity. The space is neutral enough for the homeowner to reflect his vision and personality while designing his home.

Leblanc Design
Leblanc Design

5. Rajni Alex Design | Scarsdale, New York

Unlike Leblanc, Rajni Alex’s designs decided to opt for electric vibes and edgy style. The studio has warm colors and welcoming but above all memorable and leaves a trace in the client’s mind. It creates the “wow” effect that the client is looking for. At the same time, the client knows directly what the designer’s style is. 

interior designer
Wooden Table and Black Chairs

6. CWB Architects

The functionality of his design is to separate public and private spaces. Common areas are situated toward the entrance. The individual workstations are located at the perimeter of the space, which is closer to natural light. Color blocking provides visual identifiers that simplify the separation in the open space office.

7. Studio L, London | England

“It feels nice in here “is the comment that studio l is looking for while designing their offices the vision is to be more homey than corporate their work balances around making a statement and being timeless.


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