Steal These Top 10 Mobile App Ideas in 2021 Before Others

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Yes. This article has gathered the top 10 mobile app ideas for you to steal totally. Mobile app development in California has followed the imminent trend of making advantageous apps. Not to mention that the increasing number of smartphone apps worldwide and the revenue that mobile apps are generating yearly through the app store and in-app advertising is significantly vast. In 2021, mobile apps are expected to bring about $693 billion in revenue. 693,000,000,000 is indeed a huge number. Do you want a tiny portion of this amount? Yes, you do. I know coming up with exceptional ideas can be a pickle.

Top 10 Mobile App Ideas

1 – Reserve a Spot in the Restaurant 

So, it’s a Sunday evening, you and your significant other are all set to try Italian food. But sadly, there are no Italian restaurants near your area. And the one far from you needs you to reserve a table in advance, and there is not much time to do so. Google Assistance can help you book hotel reservations, too, but note here that they are not giving you any personalized experience that you’ll get from an app.

Yes. It sure is to be a fantastic idea, but it does not end here. Along with the personalized app, you should also allow the user to book a specific spot in the restaurant as well. Not to mention, choosing a particular spot in advance is a one-in-a-million experience the users can get.

It’s an excellent idea that sure can make you filthy rich. 

2 – Places to Dodge During Vacations

You have probably seen numerous apps that suggest locations you can visit for vacations. But unfortunately, no app suggests you not visit these places for your holidays. Moreover, when you think about vacations, you most likely consider enjoying them there without any trouble. All things considered, there is no app that can suggest you a perfect place. An app that should view all of your interests, dislikes, and phobias and propose all the places you should not visit.

In addition, we love to travel and spend the time in a more reliant way. Many of us like hunting, but some countries have banned hunting.

Do you know:

  • Chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore.
  • People in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are banned from publicly celebrating Valentine’s Day.
  • Wearing heels on ancient grounds is against the law in Greece.
  • You need to carry an ID card with you in lots of European countries.

Either way, people like wearing heels and chewing gum and don’t want to end up in jail. So, for this, you can make an app that should suggest places accordingly.

3 – Exchange the Goods

Yes. An app that allows exchanging things between users. There are boundless apps available that can sell goods and items indeed. But an app that can exchange items instead of selling them is truly a phenomenal idea. 

4 – Check Freshness of Food

We cannot know the food quality unless we eat them. Taking AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) into account, such an app is actually possible. I know it may take some hard work and research but think about the money you’ll be making from it. Moreover, this app should analyze the food quality based on various data sets and inform you whether the food is fresh or rotten. 

5 – Have We Met App? 

You met a delightful girl or a person back in 2008. You were friends for some time, and life took a turn, and both got separated and moved to other parts of the country. Apparently, with sheer luck, you meet him/her again after ten years. Will you remember their name? Probably not. So, this is a remarkable mobile app idea. An app that should maintain a database of all the people you meet. Which also store necessary detail about that person. In this case, you would never forget a person. How cool will it be?

6 – Read It Our Loud

It has been a long, tedious day, and you have barely any energy to go to bed. When you come home, you find a stack of mails in your mailbox. But you are so tired to read them. How about an app that can scan the letter and read it out loud by itself? Indeed it’s a great idea. You can listen to them while brushing your teeth before bed. How easy will it make our life?

If you create such an app, then it’ll be a hit overnight.

7 – What should I cook?

You are out of the city, away from your family. And you have limited items in the kitchen to cook. How about an app that can help you cook? Just fill in the ingredients you possess, and this intelligent app will come up with delicious dish recipes accordingly, with the ingredients you have. Also, when you like the recipe, you can share it with your friends too.

8 – Is the product Original or Not?

Nowadays, it’s hard to find out the product quality. Numerous times you have been cheated by storekeepers who assure you of the product originality. But after some time, you’ll realize the product is not original. Well, not anymore. How about an app that can tell the product quality by using a few details about the product? Details such as color, build, and tags, and the app will detect and inform you if the product is original or not. 

9 – Find Me A Parking Spot

Finding a parking spot can be a pickle sometimes. People roam around for hours to find a parking spot. But, undoubtedly, many will find this app useful to find them a parking space without any problem. So, how’s it? An app that can find people parking spots. This app uses GPS, camera, and parking data to find you a space in real-time.

10 – Suggest A Song

I know you have been skipping song after song but cannot find a perfect piece that matches your present mood. You can make a mobile app that should detect mood and suggest songs as per the user’s mood. Most of these mood swings can be tamed by listening to songs. This app should record the sound of the user and detect his mood and suggest songs accordingly. Moreover, this app should also provide a list of pre-defined mood lists and suggest relevant songs.


Above all, an App Developer in California works actively to build creative apps for people to use. These ideas may enlighten your mood and drive you to make one of the ideas listed above in this article. Importantly, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to earn some money out of it. 

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