Fabric Guide: Colours That Are Best When Paired

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Proper fabric guide for pairing, especially of colors, allows appropriate and intended comfort in your home. Choosing your fabrics should include the selection of colors that improves and evoke the mood and feelings you desire to envelop the room or home. Here are some of the fabric guides towards creating feelings and moods.

The colors that will be discussed are according to psychology and interior designers who ensure that your home is in accordance. Understanding what each color means allows the correct pairing that is suitable for your home, ensuring balance. Each color is significant for its unique vibrance and quality along with the overall impact of your interior design. 

Fabric Guide: Vibrating mood and feelings through colors

The setting of tone and purpose of the emotions the room or home wants to evoke or give off is important in the consideration of colors, especially of fabrics. Light-colored fabrics bring forth a different feel than dark-colored fabrics as the lightness allows openness like the sky and cleaner and fresher vibes and then a bit more private or intimate respectively. We should also take into account that the lighter the fabric the more it is able to reflect light while darker colors absorb light. It is important to keep the balance inside your home with the proper pairing of your fabrics and upholstery fabric to trade.

Neutral Colors

Brown – this color brings out stability with its association to wood and organics in your mind. However, too much usage of this color may make one drowsy. To give balance, you can add some brighter color for your accent upholstery fabric to trade. 

White – Sterile is what comes to the mind that is associated with white due to the purity, goodness, and cleanliness it brings. When used in moderation with strategic color-pop accents for your upholstery fabric to trade white can give off elegance, and a feeling of open space. Hence, this color is recommended if you aim to make your small room or home more space.

Black – Theaters or home theaters may use black as a dominant color. However, using it as a dominant color to avoid an overwhelming feeling. It can make you feel powerful and elegant, in proper moderation. Black is common in creating a balance of color or adding contrast. The usage of black for upholstery fabric to trade is somewhat common as this color is not very easy to be stained with. Staining black-colored fabric may not be as visible compared to lighter colors.

Warmer Colors

Red – this color can symbolize fire, love, and anger. Red reminds us of passion which vibrates our passionate energy. According to psychology, the color red can increase metabolism and blood pressure. Moreover, in Feng Shui, this color represents good fortune. Red upholstery fabric to trade is common and can be included in your interiors.

Pink – Pink is a color that suggests happiness, love, and peace. It has a calmer feeling than red which can be a great option for red lovers and children’s bedrooms.

Colder Colors

Blue – Confidence, openness, and stability are some of the common feelings this color evokes. Light blue suggests calmness, while darker blue somehow vibrates feelings of sadness.

Purple – if you aim to make your fabrics luxurious, dreamy, creative, and wealthy, you can pair purple-colored upholstery fabric to trade. 

Get to know your colors

Pairing your interior with upholstery fabric to trade that suits your interior design is the inclusion of the selection of colors for your fabrics. We have a lot of options when talking about colors for your upholstery fabric to trade. It adds an accent to the design with the aim of vibration of mood and feelings.

There are neutral (which are brown, white, and black), warmer(involves red and pink), and colder(such as blue and purple) colors to choose from. To ensure that you maintain balance in your home, it is recommended to ask for professional help. Professionals know the basics and how much each detail could mean. They allow the utilization of your home most especially to the functionality of the upholstery fabric to the trade moods can want to choose. These colors bring a huge difference and it is vital to the selection process of your fabrics.

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