Why Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?

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With about a third of the global male population suffering from this issue today, the list of reasons could be a rather long one. Generally caused by erroneous regulation of vascular and trabecular smooth muscle contractile tone which the enzyme PDE5 (phosphodiesterase-5) influences[1], the reasons can be quite varied. Moreover, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction, or ED, has hardly been short of phenomenal. Statistics state that about one in every three males[2] who are aged anywhere from 18 to 59 experience this issue, and the frequency only increases in the case of older people.

As it is, ED can be a result of numerous problems — say, hypertension or, as mentioned above, because of PDE5; and, in some cases, it can also be porn-induced. The internet is riddled with porn today. Based on your unsafe and non-incognito searches, every possible advertiser out there encourages you to watch something relatively new. And that can be quite harmful. Hypertension, on the other hand, is understood to harm just about everything that somehow relates to blood circulation in your body.

However, since the list of reasons or causatives is a long one, so is now the list of solutions. With years of research put into this ever-popular issue of erectile dysfunction, solutions — ranging from basic lifestyle changes to more rapid-acting ones, such as Aurogra 100 mg — are now becoming more and more common and, therefore, more trusted too.

Why Is Erectile Dysfunction So Common?

            For many reasons, including the fact that diabetes affected around 10 percent of the American population in 2018 while, in India, its prevalence was found to be 11 percent in 2019. As has been understood so far, diabetes tends to damage arteries, making them targets for atherosclerosis or, in simple terms, hardening. This in turn may lead to high blood pressure.

In case of high blood pressure or hypertension, on the other hand, a study, which appeared in the Journal of Urology, found that 68 percent of men suffering from it also experienced erectile dysfunction to some degree. In the case of 45 percent of the men, however, the issue was marked as being quite severe. This is because the penile arteries in people experiencing high blood pressure are kept from properly relaxing.

Gradually, as a result of hypertension, the penile smooth muscles then lose the ability to relax, leading to an obstruction in the blood flow into the penis. This is what causes erectile dysfunction in men suffering from either diabetes or hypertension due to any other causes. As a result, the penis is more commonly only flaccid and rarely achieves a proper erection.

Other reasons, however, also include psychological and behavioral changes as a cause. It has been understood that psychological conditions can very much be a cause for erectile dysfunction too. As it is, in many cases, there is anxiety regarding performing well in bed, which might just lead to more negative impact than anything else.

Is There a Solution?

            As mentioned above, yes, there is. Actually, there are quite a few solutions. One could begin with basic lifestyle changes – daily exercises, among other things – and focus on the healthier parts of life, make changes to their diet, and even periodically abstain from sexual activities while taking part in Kegel exercises every once in a while. Slow but more consistent in action and without any side effects, these practices are guaranteed treatment options. However, in case you want something that’s quicker to respond to, you may opt for sildenafil citrate salt, which is present in the aforementioned drug Aurogra.

Also marketed as Caverta 100 mg, sildenafil citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor. As a consequence, its job is to improve your blood circulation by stopping the phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme’s excessive contractile function. This helps sildenafil citrate treat erectile dysfunction successfully.


            Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is an issue with an extensive history. Over time, the methods of treatment have mostly changed but the idea behind the solutions has always been just the same: improving blood circulation to the extremes of the body. This is because the basic issue behind ED has always been the same: affected blood circulation to the bodily extremes. With time, however, we’ve now moved from slow but consistently beneficial berries and other diet changes to fast-acting supplementary options, such as Edegra 100 mg, which contain the salt sildenafil citrate.

Taken with water and with or without food, it begins to act in around thirty minutes of intake and helps a man achieve the perfect erection and go for his best performance every time. All one needs to do is follow the instructions that his doctor provides and not change a dose without proper consultation.

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