Compulink EHR – Features, Pricing, and Pros & Cons

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How does Compulink EHR Benefits Your Practice? 

Compulink is a comprehensive healthcare platform that incorporates an integrated EHR with a robust practice management application. Compulink offers a complete EHR and practice management software that utilizes technology to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Compulink’s goal is to give healthcare providers a high-end experience that allows them to meet all of their medical practice-related demands in one place. With Compulink EHR, you can easily handle several obligations relating to your medical practice.

The Compulink comprehensive suite includes Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management System, Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Engagement, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Telehealth feature, and E-Commerce. In addition, they currently provide specialty treatments in over 18 fields, including dermatology, optometry, mental health, urology, pain management, and others. Overall, the safe, efficient, and secure service is the best solution for practices that want to reap the full benefits of EHR.

In this article, we’ll go through various Compulink EHR features and how they can help you optimize your practice!

Compulink EHR Pricing 

Compulink EHR pricing starts at $149 per practitioner monthly, less than the average cost of implementing a typical EHR software. In addition, electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle management, a patient portal, and several other robust features are covered in the Compulink EHR pricing. There is, however, no free version.

Essential Features of Compulink EHR Software 

Compulink has been committed to supporting healthcare providers with EHR software that covers all essential elements of medical practice. The program takes care of everything, from keeping you in speeding up current operations such as filling out patient-related documentation to assisting you in developing better methods of scheduling appointments.

Compulink Mobile Application

Compulink Healthcare’s electronic medical records (EHR) software offers an Android/iOS mobile app to assist you in taking advantage of this cloud-based solution. The program is compatible with any smartphone or portable device and allows for quick note-taking and patient evaluations. You may also access crucial information, file claims, and give medication while on the go because a single server does not constrain you.

Electronic Prescription Tool

The e-prescription feature, which according to many Compulink EHR reviews, is a significant feature of interest for a large number of customers, is a vital component of Compulink EHR. You can use this feature to automatically write prescriptions for patients and have them delivered to the pharmacy of their choosing. As a result, your patients benefit from Compulink EHR because they no longer need to come into your clinics to pick up their medications. You can view the e-prescription feature in detail during the Compulink EHR demo.

Artificial Intelligence 

In this day and age, intelligent medical EHR software that can work according to your preferences and interests is crucial. You can use Compulink EHR to gain access to its AI technology, which significantly improves operational help. The most popular EHR software analyses real-time data to help you make better conclusions, establish better diagnosis techniques, and have a better overall experience.

Telehealth Functionality

The telehealth capability of Compulink EHR is one of its most valuable features, which proved especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare practitioners were able to provide consultations to their patients without any issues due to this capability. Unfortunately, many patients were unable to visit their doctors in person due to the abrupt lockdown. Still, thanks to Compulink EHR’s telehealth capability, the software resolved this, and virtual visits came to the rescue!

Patient Portal

The patient portal function makes your life easier because patients can conveniently access their portals and book appointments. Patients can also use this portal to remain up to date on forthcoming meetings and interact with you.

Overall, you profit from this functionality in Compulink EHR because you no longer have to plan appointments and issue reminders to patients individually. After all, the program automates the process and takes away your burden! Furthermore, this allows you to optimize your patient care in other ways and become more productive overall! According to users, the Compulink EHR pricing is justified based on this capability.

Revenue Cycle Management

Compulink Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software is an all-in-one solution that integrates expert billing services with the industry’s leading EHR and Practice Management solution to resolve unpaid bills and increase revenue. Moreover, using a robust technical platform, this service provides a professional staff to manage claims submissions, denials and refusals, patient billing, payment processing, and thorough reporting.

Claims Management

Compulink EHR enables you to easily construct automatic billing and scrubbing solutions that assist you in filing claims and having them accepted on time. Furthermore, because Compulink EHR allows you to file claims automatically, the chance of errors is reduced. Aside from that, you can have them approved faster due to fewer errors and speedier submission, which means more income for your practice and, eventually, success!

Compulink EHR Reviews


  • Compulink provides a very customizable and versatile user experience.
  • The program offers a growth-oriented healthcare solution.
  • Compulink offers one of the most remarkable customer service departments in the medical software industry.


  • There are no custom forms available.
  • Users find it challenging to customize templates.

Should You Invest in Compulink EHR Software? 

After going through all of the capabilities given by Compulink EHR, you’re probably wondering if we recommend you get it right away. Unfortunately, we cannot decide for you as we are unaware of your practice and needs. However, we can provide you with some advice on how to make this selection on your own.

The initial step is to make a list of features that you would want to see in the software and then compare that list to the characteristics of Compulink EHR. You may also request a Compulink EHR demo from the supplier to verify whether the application suits your needs in practice. Finally, we advise you to read as many Compulink EHR reviews as you want online to discover what other users think of the software.

Overall, we hope that any decision you make about Compulink EHR is the most excellent decision for you and your medical business.

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