PlaytestCloud And How to Earn From Playtesting Service?

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What are PlaytestCloud And Playtesting?

PlaytestCloud is the money-making platform that enables mobile games studios to playtest mobile games during the concept and development phase. PlaytestCloud allows us to test newly developed games with its playtest service, game developers can easily find bugs and design flow to make their products perfect before going to market.

Playtesting is a generic technique used for testing mobile games and Softwares. Playtesting is also known as a cornerstone of professional practice, and it is open to everyone who wants to join, especially mobile game developers and testers.

Which helps developers and ensures that their product will be globally viable upon release, by providing a way for game players to play the game and provide their opinions.

 Playtesting is quality assurance (QA) testing, in which professionals look for and report specific software issues to be fixed and enhance game mechanisms by the development team. And it ensures you that your final product is ready exactly per user requirements.

Types of Playtesting Techniques

There are millions of games and software available on the play store and App store. To bring your product to the top requires lots of work and patience with such high competition.

All you need to gain users and keep them engaged with your product is to have the quality to hit the market then you’re in this race. And when your product is not satisfying users, they have the option to uninstall your app and go with the best one. As a game tester, you have to work on all playtesting techniques to polish your product before launch.

  • Functionality Testing. This game testing technique checks if the video game or app is working according to the specifications. In functionality testing, you may find generic graphics, interface, stability, and mechanical issues. This technique allows you to solve bug freezing and progression blockage.

Game tester watches out for all issues regarding graphical user interface like animations clipping and missing colors. After finding all issues testers make a list of all the bugs and send this report to the game developer for fixing. After fixing all issues game developers send the game back to the Testing team for Re-testing. 

  • Combinatorial Testing:  This testing technique allows you to check how many tests for a game are required to get optimum results. In this technique, testers analyze all inputs and outputs of games. As it provides effective fault detection.  
  • Ad Hoc Testing:  This testing technique is also known as “error guessing”

And helps testers to detect bugs through a random approach. In this technique, there is no need for proper documentation like test cases and plans to schedule testing.

It does not require hours for Ad Hoc testing as it is not structured and testers can perform this when they don’t want detailed testing due to a shortage of time.

  • Compatibility Testing: A compatibility test is a way to determine the performance of the product and end-user experience. In this technique, testers verify whether the product interface is compatible with all devices. They try to find all screen, hardware, and graphics-related issues. After verification the game must meet all requirements. 
  • Cleanroom Testing: In cleanroom testing, the game tester plays a game as a player and finds out the reasons behind small issues and bugs. In this way, they easily figure out the causes of the end user boredom. This technique validates the reliability and performance of the gaming software.
  • Regression Testing: This technique is like rechecking software, and testers check again all functions of the game. They try to find any new error that occurred due to previous fixes. The purpose of this testing is to provide the best quality to obtain a better user experience.

Get Started With PlaytestCloud

 Getting started with PlaytestCloud is quite simple, read everything you need to know to start PlaytestCloud.

Create  Account: Follow the sign-up page of playtestcloud. After signing up, your free trial will begin including: 

14-day access pass to PlaytestClouds Professional Plan.

 2 free video tokens

Professional support from their project management team. 

On  2 free video tokens, you can run playtest with 

  • 2 Players
  •  or 1 Child Playtester (Ages 3-15)
  • or 1 Player from a Special Audience

 After sign-in on playtestcloud, you can choose any subscription plan according to your needs and choice. 

Create  your First Playtest:

From the top menu, you can select playtest type from

  • Single session 
  • Multi-Session
  • Survey
  • Concept test
  • Longitudinal study

Playtestcloud provide several types of game build you can upload 




You can update your profile and billing address information using the edit profile option in settings.

Earn with PlaytestCloud

You can earn from PlaytestCloud as this is a legit company and has many payment proofs and positive reviews. Before making money you have to see whether you are eligible to test games or not.

If you are a professional game tester you can earn online a nice amount for your pocket money. hourly earning rate of a professional game tester – $36 per hour! Supports multiple countries and PlaytestCloud Pays real cash.

Steps to Earn:

  1. Meet PlaytestCloud Requirements. 
  2. Sign Up.
  3. Build your  profile
  4. Pass The Qualification Test.
  5. Get Test Invites. 
  6. Complete Tests & Get Paid.


PlaytestCloud is safe to use as they don’t require any personal information and you can make a handsome amount from game testing. Game development is a highly competitive field and requires a lot of game testing. An entry-level playtesting position can be a dream job for many of us.

You can read more online home business opportunities.

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