3 Things that Make Experity EMR a Powerfull Healthcare Solution

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The first thing we have to get clear is, what exactly is a powerful EMR? And then we will see whether Experity EMR has those characteristics or not. So first things first, Features! A Powerful feature set is the backbone of any solid EHR solution. Keeping that in mind the first thing you should take a look at is whether Experity EMR has a solid feature set. 

Secondly, there are user reviews. A single verdict can make or break a product but if a majority of users agree that it indeed accomplishes what it promises to, then we can say for sure that Experity EMR is a powerful healthcare solution. 

Lastly, there are demos. It won’t matter how efficient, intuitive, or powerful Experity EMR is if you don’t know how to properly utilize it to its potential. Pricing should also be a concern but Experity ( like many others) don’t openly reveal their pricing model and you’ll have to contact them for a custom quote. 

Overall, this article hopes to make your purchase decision much easier. To help you figure out whether or not Experity EHR is the healthcare IT solution for you. In the end, an EMR solutions strength is int’s ability to empower you to provide better clinical care. 

Experity EMR Features 

Like all other modern EMR solutions, Experity EMR comes loaded with a plethora of features that will not only make your day-to-day tasks more streamlined but will also help you and your practice grow. Instead of going through each feature and explaining its significance. We will look at how their combinations can help you out in key areas, to achieve this we will look at three key feature sets; Electronic Health Records EMR Software and Practice Management, Revenue cycle management and medical billing, and Patient Engagement. 

EHR and PM 

Using an EMR and practice management system should, in theory, reduce your workload and enable you to spend more time with patients. That’s exactly what Experity EMR achieves, and it’s just not me saying this, there are dozens of testimonials claiming the same thing. Moreover, its reliable, flashy features arent worth anything if they never work. Enabling you to focus on what matters and reliability do make an EHR solution powerful.

However, Experity EMR comes with a plethora of features that will streamline your workflow and increase accuracy. This is achieved through automation. Charting is already easily customizable to suit your workflow, but, on top of that, you won’t need to reinter codes, conditions, and diagnoses over and over again as they are automatically carried forward. 

RCM and Medical Billing

Having your EHR solution come with billing and RCM capabilities could either be the best thing to ever happen to you or it could turn out to be the worst. On one hand, you will get everything you need under one roof and through one program, and on the other hand, if the RCM capabilities aren’t meeting your expectations you’ll be stuck with them. With Experity best EMR for small medical practice, it’s going to be the first case because they believe that in order for doctors to provide optimum care they should not have to worry about other things. Finance is a major pain point for practices ( especially solo practitioners ) so, with Experity EMR’s RCM suite you’ll be able to; 

  • Increase Efficiency. By connecting demographic data o your billing suite. 
  • Increase coding accuracy. Through automation, and suggested codes based on the latest regulations. 
  • Stay Compliant. Experity EMR’s team will take care of all compliance regulations making sure that you effectively meet them. 

Patient Engagement 

Patient engagement is one of the most ignored aspects of running a practice. At the end of the day, any practice resembles a business. Businesses have customers, while you have patients. Seeing how businesses go to extreme lengths to retain and increase their customer base, why shouldn’t you do the same for your patients.

Experity EMR provides you will all the necessary tools that you’ll need to make sure that you always have a full waiting room. Using Experity EMR will enable you to;

  • Optimize Throughput. Texting and online registrations make sure that patients spend less time at your practice. 
  • Increase Patient Base. Scheduling is seamless, making sure that patients have no problem getting to the exam room. 
  • Make better Informed Decisions.  With the relevant metrics like, ROI’s walkins vs online appointments, and wait times you’ll be able to make better decisions that will increase patient satisfaction. 

Experity EMR Reviews

User reviews are an excellent way to manage expectations. With that said, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt, as they are objective in nature. 

Pros: Users have time and again, found Experity EMR to be straightforward, easy to use, and intuitive in nature. With a special emphasis on Expety’s analytics tools. Moreover, most of the times users had only had nice things to say about customer service. 

Cons: Fortunately for you, Experity EMR doesn’t have any program-breaking bugs. The only repetitive complaints have revolved around how updates require downtime and that the program often becomes sluggish and lags. 

Experity EMR Demos and Pricing 

Experity Demos are easily available from their website and you can even request a live demonstration. However, pricing is opaque, and there arent no ballpark figures available to help manage your expectations. You can contact Experity EMR through their website and they’ll provide you with a custom quote based on your requirements. 

Final Words

All in all, it’s pretty safe to say that Experity EMR is a powerful healthcare solution. Keeping in mind the positive user reviews, solid feature set, and demo availability.

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