10 Things To Consider While Starting A SEO Agency In Singapore

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You have probably been daydreaming about starting your own SEO agency for a while now. You want to be the boss of your own operation and you are tired of being an employee. Perhaps, you also have a lot of experience in this industry and believe that you know how it all works better than anyone else. 

Point To Run A Successful SEO Agency In Singapore

Whatever your reasons may be, there is no denying that running a successful SEO agency is one of the most lucrative endeavors nowadays. However, before making any investment decisions or taking any irreversible steps towards fulfilling this dream of yours, it would behoove you to consider these 10 points first:

1)The Competition-

In Singapore alone, there are more than 200+ agencies offering their services to clients who range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. These agencies differ in pricing, services, and quality of their output. In other words, the competition is fierce because there are a lot of options for clients to choose from.

2) The State of the SEO Industry-

The SEO industry has been going through a lot of changes ever since Google started rolling out a number of updates that targeted spammy link-building activities in order to maintain the quality of their search results. These changes have been affecting many SEO agencies and clients alike, but it has also made the best ones aware that they need to improve their game or else they will be out of business very soon.

3) Your Past Experiences –

The decisions you make while starting your own seo singapore agency should only be made if you have enough information about the industry, your target market, and the services you will offer. Make sure that this is not just another short-term business venture or side job for you.

4) Your finances –

Starting an SEO agency might seem like a low-cost investment because all you need are your skills and the necessary tools to get started. You will also need to hire an assistant or two in order to handle projects efficiently. However, you should consider your monthly costs such as rent, insurance, equipment maintenance, power bills, etc. these can add up quickly if you don’t run your business properly.

5) Your SEO Knowledge –

This industry is famous for its shady characters who are not well-versed in what they are doing. These people take advantage of their clients because the latter know very little about SEO and online marketing. Although Google does not want to admit it, there are still quite a number of companies that have employees working on their secret algorithm updates via closed channels.

6) Your Niche –

In order to come up with a winning SEO plan, you have to choose a specific niche that is attractive and profitable. For example, if you decide that your target clients are Singapore’s automotive industry then you need to know everything about their culture, business models, and marketing strategies. This way, you can come up with a good marketing plan which will attract their attention.

7) Your competition –

Although you are trying to come up with something different, you still need to know if there are other people offering the same thing as you are. You should also do some research on your competitors and see what they have done so far in order to stay ahead of them.

8) Your Clients –

Even if you are not targeting big corporations as your clients, you still have to present yourself properly so they will be comfortable enough to let you do your job. You should also be ready to handle their complaints because many of them might not know too much about SEO and online marketing.

9) Your Plans For the Future –

Starting your own SEO agency is not a one-and-done deal. You need to have a strategic plan which details how you will take care of clients, handle complaints and help them improve their online presence with time. Your clients should know that they can trust you and that no task is too big or too small for you.

10) Your Skills –

You might be an expert on social media, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content marketing, bookkeeping, etc. but these are not enough to start your own agency on their own. You need to focus on the services you will offer and make sure that you can deliver them properly within the shortest time possible.


You might not be able to come up with all the answers at first but you certainly don’t want to rush things because this will only affect your business in the long run. Be patient enough to study this industry and see how it operates so you know what changes to implement in order to improve your game or stay ahead of other SEO agencies who are also trying to come up with a winning plan.

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