Bigo Live: All You Need To Know About Bigo Live

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What is Bigo?

With the growing prevalence of social media channels, every young person out there is evolving with different ones. Maybe not all of them are as engaging and addicting as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, there are others that are growing in popularity with time, such as BIGO live.

BIGO Technology, based in Singapore, owns Bigo Live, an online streaming platform created in 2016 by David Li and Jason Hu. As of 2019, Joy, a Chinese firm listed on the NASDAQ, owned BIGO Technology. BIGO Technology has created exclusive machine learning and artificial intelligence that is included in the program. During live broadcasting, AI technologies are employed to improve user interaction and engagement.

Fans can honor their favorite broadcasters with in-app presents, and many of the app’s most renowned presenters use it full-time.  Users may effortlessly broadcast and upload their videos, and they can also video chat with their pals. With a plethora of options and possibilities, this BIGO Live software today has a massive following.

BIGO Live is accessible in over 150 countries and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, BIGO Live PC is available for users who want to utilize this service on their PC, while BIGO Live Lite is available for those with low-end gadgets. Using the proper application for your device’s specifications is the best approach to assure the best BIGO Live experiences.

Furthermore, BIGO Live offers a consistent and elevated browsing experience by using cutting-edge innovation, intelligent systems, and virtual reality.

Generating income with Bigo live

The majority of individuals install BIGO LIVE and use it to view live streaming and socialize. However, other people use it to flaunt their skills and acquire profit. Making money digitally may appear simple, but it is not; Bigo Live is no exception.

  1. Generate Income from BIGO LIVE by Working as a Host/Recruiter.

Are you tired of your 9 to 5 professional job? Bigo Live provides you with an amazing opportunity to earn money by displaying your ability to a wider public. Bigo Live is for you if you are a performer who enjoys connecting with others through your ability. You can act as a host or a recruiter on Bigo Live. The host will make mobile live broadcasts and will be compensated after meeting the set targets. Salary is determined by criteria such as material, following, and airing time. Bigo Live presenters have been known to make up to $5,000 per month on average around the world.

If you wish to work as a recruiter, you can find hosts to work with and make a good percentage.

  1. BIGO LIVE Virtual Gifts can be used to earn some money.

An approach to making money is to cash in your virtual presents. Followers will send you virtual presents if you are a prominent broadcaster. Then you may start stocking up on these gifts that can be turned into ‘beans.’ The more well-liked you are, the further beans you will receive. Eventually, these beans can be redeemed for actual money, which is deposited into your bank by the app. The actual “bean” rate of exchange is 210 beans for one US dollar. Ensure that you are exhibiting any of your skills, as this will guarantee that you have a large number of visitors, which is quite crucial in order to make money.

Is it safe to use BIGO Live?

BIGO Live is safe in terms of security, and its innovative approach assures that teens do not gain access to the service. The app has a rating of 12+ on the Play Store and 17+ on the App Store, signifying that it is not suitable for small children. As a result, it is suggested that parents watch their children’s activities while using the app. 

Communicate With Your Children

Furthermore, as parents, you can make sure that you discuss the application with your children. Addressing any potential risks and difficulties with them will enable them to deal with any imminent hazards that may arise when using the program. Online bullying is one of the most serious hazards that anyone can face when using the BIGO Live app, therefore educating your children about it is a great approach to ensure their protection.

Keeping an Eye on their actions

Analyzing your child’s activity is yet another practical and beneficial technique to ensure their safety while using the program. If you are seeking a secure and inconspicuous approach to supervising your children’s behavior, there are multiple internet third-party applications that you may utilize.

Communication Methods on Bigo Live

BIGO Live software, as online broadcasting and video streaming service, unquestionably provides its customers with the ability to live chat with their pals. Through the application’s multi-guest rooms, they can invite up to nine of their friends. They can also communicate while using various filters and chat effects for added fun and enjoyment. 

Visitors can also interact with their favorite presenters during their live feed. Nonetheless, the broadcaster retains complete control and access to their live stream, as well as the manner in which they wish to connect with their viewers.

Steps to use the BIGO LIVE application

To begin, navigate to your phone’s application store. If you use Google Play, you may download it from there.

When installed, you must register for the first time. You can sign in with your Facebook, Google Plus, or Gmail account.

Give them all of the necessary permissions.

And after you have successfully registered, you will be redirected to the home page where you may watch all of the live broadcasting. Note, you can’t contact anyone and they can’t see you, but you can send them text messages and beans.

If you really want to contact any other user, you must first start your own Live Streaming.


BIGO Live will undoubtedly be the next social media craze within several years. Having billion of active users and tons of unique and creative material on the BIGO Live program, we can see this site becoming a major success among youngsters. Yet, the application’s age limit of 18 years makes it critical for parents to supervise their children’s activities when they use this application on their own. Aside from that, the application’s powerful technology is available to assist users with their safety worries.

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