Best Film Vlogging Camera For Kids

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If you are a beginner, be sure to choose a film Vlogging Camera with an exposure meter. It is necessary to set the amount of light that the camera captures depending on the shooting location and the weather. If you’re used to filming cameras, there’s no problem, but most beginners don’t know the proper settings.

In that respect, if you have a film camera with an exposure meter, it will guide you to the proper setting in the viewfinder, so even beginners can easily set it. If you don’t set it properly, you may end up with a white or black photo, so be sure to check if you have an exposure meter before you buy.

Types Of Vlogging Camera For Kids

Fujifilm LF S-ACE SP FL 27SH 1

Easy shooting just by pressing the shutter. Can be used immediately after purchase

fujifilm disposable camera LF S-ACE SP FL 27SH 1  It has a built-in ISO400 135 film and batteries, and is a camera that can be used immediately after purchase. It also features a big finder that makes it easy to check the composition and a lightweight body that weighs only 90g. Simply slide the switch to activate the flash, so you can shoot well even in dark places.

If you are looking for a disposable camera that is convenient for traveling, it is perfect.

Sprite 35-II 432991

A simple model with various settings fixed. For beginners to film cameras

With a 31mm F9 single focus lens and a shutter speed of 1/120 seconds, you can shoot sunny daytime scenery without complicated settings. With a 15-second charge flash, it can be used for shooting inside buildings and at night. It weighs about 122g and is about 119mm wide, so you can carry it in your bag without getting in the way.

MF-2 super

Recommended for film camera beginners who want to take analog photos without complicated settings.

With old-fashioned specifications, you can experience the fun of film Vlogging cameras

Equipped with an F3.8 YASHICA 38mm lens, it has a classic look. Since it has a 10-second self-timer function, it is also convenient for taking selfies and group photos. With the lever-type film winding and the flash that requires charging, you can experience the fun of a Vlogging camera.

Take beautiful pictures of your subject without the need for techniques. With a mirror that allows you to take a selfie

Since it automatically detects the brightness of the surroundings, you can take beautiful pictures of the subject without the need for techniques. There is a mirror next to the lens that allows you to check the shooting range, making it easy to take selfies. By switching to SELPHY mode when taking close-up shots, you will get a clear and clear photo.

KODAK M35 film camera

A cute looking item that you can buy at a reasonable price

A colorful 35mm film Vlogging camera that you can get at a reasonable price. In addition to the simple structure of the shutter and winding dial, it also has a built-in flash that is useful for shooting indoors and at night. If you replace the battery and film, you can use it over and over again. Perfect for

those who want to use a film Vlogging camera for the long term or who are looking for a gift for their child.

instax mini LiPlay

Print audio with photos. Abundant smartphone cooperation functions

You can print the recorded voice as a QR code along with the photo and play it by holding your smartphone over it. In addition, it is equipped with a wealth of convenient functions such as remote control with a smartphone and Bluetooth printing. Let’s make a particular piece by using various filters and custom frames. If you want to enjoy

Reusable Photo Camera‎AG603001

Fixed focus allows you to shoot without focusing best Vlogging cameras on a budget

A minimal Vlogging camera that weighs about 155g and is compatible with easily available 35mm film. Since the focus is fixed and shooting from 1m to infinity is possible, you can save the trouble of focusing. It comes with a special pouch and strap, which reduces the risk of falling or scratching while carrying.

Instax mini 11

Natural image with automatic brightness adjustment. Easy and beautiful for selfies and close-ups

The appropriate shutter speed and flash are automatically set according to the brightness of the surroundings, and the person is clearly captured without darkening the background. If you pull out the lens, it will be in self-shooting mode, and you can check the reflected range with a mirror. The close-up function that allows you to take beautiful pictures even at a close distance of 30 cm is also attractive.

MF-1 film Camera

A model that even beginners can leave a tasteful landscape photograph

A film Vlogging camera with a cute pink design and a lightweight body weighing about 77g. It is compatible with highly versatile 35mm film, and you can shoot immediately by inserting AA batteries. Since the lens is fixed at F11 / 31mm, you can leave a tasteful landscape photograph without complicated settings.

Mini Shot 3

Even though it looks retro, it can even print smartphone photos.

It is a 2in1 instant Vlogging camera that allows you to develop the photos you have taken on the spot and print out your smartphone photos. With a catchy square shape of about 7.6 x 7.6 cm, you can take square-sized pictures. It’s also a nice point that you can continue to use it for a long time just by replacing the cartridge.

Pixtoss Camera For Kids

Best camera for kids Multiple exposure shooting is possible. Enjoy the retro taste

It features a taste that intentionally leaves the analog feeling that the film comes out when you turn the handle. In addition to taking retro photos that are different from digital ones, you can also change nuances by using an optional color filter. You can also take multiple exposure shots.

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