Best PS5 Racing Games – 5 best picks

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PS5 racing games: Are you looking for high-octane racing, destruction, or maybe some off-roading? You’ve come to the correct place. We’ve compiled a list of the finest PS5 racing games. It’s a crowded market and one of the most popular game genres, so there’s enough to pick from. We’ve narrowed the list down to only 10 racing titles you’ll want to test out on the PlayStation 5, thanks to the power bestowed upon us at The Loadout.

This guide to the top PS5 racing games examines the whole gamut of racing games, from arcade races to rigorous simulations to full-on arena devastation. There’s something for everyone, and we guarantee they’re wheel excellent…

If you’re looking for more games to play on your PS5, we recommend that you check out our definitive guide to the most outstanding PS5 games and the best PS5 multiplayer games. What about the planned PS5 games? Let’s get started on satisfying that craving for speed.

The PlayStation 5 is no exception, as Sony’s latest generation already features a slew of great races, especially with the long-awaited launch of Gran Turismo on the platform. We’ve compiled the top solutions accessible right here. However, if you prefer a different game style, please see the table below for our alternative PS5 recommendations.

F1 2021

Codemasters has been making racing games for nearly 30 years, and with F1 2021, it shows no signs of slowing down. With such a strong presence in the racing gaming genre, Codemasters features on our list numerous times.

F1 2021 is the 20th game in the Formula One franchise. It includes a brand new story mode, Braking Point, a career mode, and much more, putting this sim racer ahead of the competition.

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Gran Turismo 7

The PlayStation racer’s grand-daddy returns with its first numbered edition in years, and GT7 is an incredible scorcher, with a more liberal onboarding system than any Gran Turismo has ever provided. You’ll acquire new vehicles regularly while learning to race safely and fairly.

Over time, you’ll go behind the wheel of some of the world’s most iconic vehicles, and the physics are second to none. Everything looks fantastic on the PS5, too, with 4K native resolution capability and a clean and gorgeous drive.


The one thing Gran Turismo isn’t quite excellent at (though it does a good job) is off-road racing, which comes in second to road racing. Dirt 5, a racer who knows how mud works in minute detail, makes getting a fantastic off-road experience a breeze.

Hello, Codemasters. This time we’re going off-road for some extreme racing. DiRT 5 is an arcade racer that, above all, provides entertainment for PS5 users worldwide. Travel the world, race around great courses, and do so under the wheel of some of the world’s most legendary automobiles.

Muscle cars, trucks, rock bouncers, and modern rallycross vehicles are all available to test in various settings in this game. In addition to online multiplayer, there is a career mode with gaming voiceover legends Nolan North and Troy Baker.

WRC 10

WRC 10, an officially licensed rally racer, is the latest incarnation of an already hugely successful brand, and 10 grabs the torch and runs with it. The 50th-anniversary vehicles have been added to the game to commemorate the championship’s – you guessed it – 50th anniversary

WRC 10 takes it up a notch with many historical vehicles to pick from and historical events to play through from Acropolis to Germany to Argentina.

F1 22

Suppose you’re looking for something more particular. In that case, the current F1 release is a beautiful example of Codemasters’ competence in developing licensed racing games. The racing is so tight and precise that you’ll feel like an F1 driver at your best.

There are so many tracks to memorize, and the sensation of speed when slamming on the pedal in an F1 machine is unparalleled. Driving an entire season in the hopes of winning a championship is a remarkable endurance accomplishment.

Final Words:

Every game on this list has been thoroughly vetted and played by our staff to ensure its inclusion.

We’ve spent hours into their multiplayer features, played through their campaigns, and carefully compared them to their competitors to ensure that they represent the most enjoyable and rewarding alternatives available on each platform.

However, no roundup can provide a list that is suitable for every sort of user. That is why, to do our best in this respect, we rely on the experiences and opinions of the larger Pocket-lint team and extensively evaluate the topics listed above.

We try to minimize unnecessary information in our tutorials since we want to present an easy-to-understand synopsis of what each game is like to play.

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