How And Why To Create A YouTube Widget On Squarespace?

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YouTube Widget On Squarespace: YouTube is an audio/video platform that has emerged to become a search engine as well. People retain more information with visuals rather than texts, making YouTube their go-to platform.

With about 200 billion active users on a monthly basis worldwide, Youtube is the perfect choice for marketers and brands to promote their business.

Creating innovative and informative videos for YouTube is the ultimate attention grabber. Featuring these Youtube videos on your Squarespace website is definitely a brilliant approach to garner more attention and enhance user engagement.

Continue reading to see the one best course o action to take for embedding a Youtube widget for the Squarespace website.

How To Embed A Youtube Widget On Squarespace?

There are two ways to embed the Youtube widget on Squarespace website. Let’s see them in detail.

Method 1: Youtube Self-embed Option

Follow this step-wise guide to manually embed the Youtube widget on Squarespace

using its self-embed option.

  1. Visit the Youtube video you want to embed.
  2. Click “share
  3. In the next list choose the “Embed” option
  4. Copy the generated embed code on the clipboard.
  5. Next, go to the backend of your Squarespace website
  6. Navigate to the webpage and click “Add block”, choose “embed code” and click on the “</>” icon.
  7. Paste the copied code and tap on “Publish”.

Congratulations, you have successfully embedded the Youtube video on your Squarespace website.

Method 2: Use Social Media Aggregators

Follow the steps below to use social media aggregators like Taggbox. These platforms help you develop innovative widgets and provide you with embed codes that can be pasted into the Squarespace website backend to feature the widget on your website.

  1. Login or signup to your social media aggregator account. Click “Add social feeds” and choose your source platform as “YouTube”.
  2. Select your connection type from various options like channel URL, shorts, playlist, keywords, etc. Click “Create Feed”.
  3. Use the customization feature to change the layout with various responsive themes, add background color, change font size and style, add a banner or card style, and use the custom CSS option for more creative enhancements.
  4. Utilize the moderation feature to eliminate any unwanted content.
  5. Once you are happy with the widget hit “Publish”. Select the CMS platform as Squarespace. Adjust the width and height and copy the embed code generated below.
  6. Now login to your Squarespace account. Navigate to the chosen webpage and click “Add block
  7. Tap on the “</>” icon and paste the embed code.
  8. Apply the changes if any, and click “Publish

You also get the option to use the analytics feature where you can keep a track of the widget’s performance. You get details reports about the number of impressions, user engagement on the widget, etc. you can analyze how your conversion rates have improved. Make necessary improvements in the widget according to the user behavior.

Well, that’s all, your Youtube widget is live on your Squarespace website.

Why Leverage The Youtube Widget On The Squarespace Website?

Let’s dive into the details about why brands embed widgets on their websites in the first place.

1.   Improves SEO Ranking

We know videos are more attracting and engaging as compared to texts and images, embedding these videos can surely enhance your site’s dwell time. Eventually, it helps improve your SEO ranking. With more traffic, and exposure you also get maximum conversions.

2.   Amplifies Conversions And Sales

Embedding a Youtube widget on Squarespace can be beneficial to improve investments. We found that two third of users watched Youtube before making a purchase. It helps users understand the product better rather than reading the description and specifications.

3.   Builds Trust

With videos, you can offer better insights into the purpose of your product and why the users need it. Sending the message to users perfectly about your brand helps develop trust. Videos tend to touch the users on their emotional quotient and showcase basic information in an exciting manner which ultimately instills authenticity and transparency.

4.   Boosts Engagement

Youtube videos are descriptive in nature depicting better promotional messages to the users efficiently. Videos are easy to access, help explore the product better, and understand the brand altogether. Developing the right content and targeting a relevant audience, automatically engages the users.

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A large number of people prefer visual content rather than text. Youtube helps build more exposure, engagement, conversion rates, and promotion ideas for your brand. Youtube videos can do wonders for your brand if used effectively. By embedding a Youtube widget on the Squarespace website you offer visually appealing content that stays with the users. You build a connection with your audience by showcasing credible and authentic content that reflects the brand value and boosts brand-user relationships.

They can be promotional videos, videos featuring user-generated content, or a special piece about influencers. Developing diverse videos, and embedding them on your Squarespace website not only offers diverse content to your visitors but also helps build trust, flaunt confidence, and improve conversion rates.

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