Xresolver Xbox And PS Gamertags To IP Guide

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What is Xresolver?

Xresolver is an IP resolver, an online platform created in 2017 and used on Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation gamer tags. It has 0.25 Million active users. It is a functional website that converts usernames, domain names, and gamer tags into the normal IP address. Xresolver helps its users to resolve TLD(top-level domains) .net and .com conflicts. And also keep you safe from hackers. Furthermore, you can resolve your network interface and device-related issues on this platform.

Xresolver is the best website for your games as It helps the gamers to find players’ profiles when they don’t find them anywhere, and also translates them into many languages. Xresolver may be used to solve your website’s issues. You may find the most common issue of the website which may cause you to crash. It can help you to improve performance, and identify and fix errors in your code.

In this article we will discuss every detail of Xresolver and  XBOX uses features and how beneficial this platform is for everyone who is looking to secure their username. Hope this guide will solve your queries about Xresolver.

How to Use Resolver?

It has a unique and user-friendly interface that can be easily used. Xresolver dashboard is designed in a simple format there is nothing difficult to use The developer designed the resolver as a simple dashboard. There are no tough steps to using resolver. 

There are many other resolvers available but Xresolver is one of the most effective and popular because it is easy and simple. Here are step-by-step instructions to use this website:

  • Open the official webpage of https://xresolver.com/
  • Register yourself and sign In.
  • Select Playstation or Xbox Resolver 
  • Enter “IP address” to change into the Xbox gamer tag Or “gamertag” into the IP address.
  • Click on the “Resolve” button to solve your issue.

Resolving the Graphics issue may require some additional steps, but you will resolve it entirely with just a few clicks of the “Resolve” button. Both options are the same to use when you enter Username and click on resolve; it automatically converts into the IP and  Xbox gamer tag will automatically change to IP format.

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Pros of Xresolver

Popularity: Xresolver is a popular Xbox, PlayStation, and IP Resolver among gamers.

Simplicity: It is easy and simple to use and can be configured with any device.

Reliability: It is the most reliable IP resolver to solve your gaming and network-related issues.

Speedy: It is fast and efficient, and also known as the first choice of gamers to fix games quickly, gamers who want to resolve their games quickly.

Cons of Xresolver

This may be expensive to use.

Sometimes it may take a long time to process an IP address.

3. It may be challenging to find compatible software.

4. It may be difficult to use for an unknown person.

Listed on Xresolver

When you are listed on X Resolver, there are two options if you don’t know what to do here. First, try to contact site administration so they may help you to solve your issue and will provide you with listing information. 

Second, try to contact the users who have listed you. To get your listing information. Finally, you can also try to contact your hosting or domain provider if they can help resolve the issue.

Remove Yourself From resolver Xbox

If you convert your Xbox username or Gamertag into IP addresses, the database will be updated and your Gamertag is accessible from the database. If you don’t allow anybody to access your IP address, then you can remove yourself from Xresolver, and no one will be able to access your IP. 

But it is recommended to contact your ISP to change your Ip address and you will be secure from hacking. You can also use a premium VPN to hide or change your IP address.

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Some Alternatives of Xresolver

  • Xboxonebooter
  • PS4 Booter
  • Lanc Remastered PCPS
  • Consolesniffer
  • IP Location Finder
  • XboxReplay
  • OctoSniff


 Xresolver is the best tool for gamers to resolve problems and optimize their gaming experience. As an Xbox, PlayStation, and IP Resolver, Xresolver offers support for NVIDIA Shield games and AirPlay Mirroring. It is an essential tool that keeps you secure from hacking and also enables you to fix gaming, networking, and IP-related issues. 

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