iTop VPN: Enjoy 86% Discounts with itopvpn .com

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A VPN is crucial for your pc, especially if you browse a lot. It creates a private network in a public one for safe browsing, with your IP address hidden. If looking for a suitable VPN, you consider several factors, like price, available resources, and adaptability.

iTop VPN is one of the best VPN services with several selling points. Among its appealing attributes is affordability, evident from its discounts. Stick on to learn more about this tool.

Introduction To iTop VPN

iTop VPN is one of the many computing tools under the iTop banner. iTop offer high-quality services, an attribute that you notice once you use its utilities, like a smart game booster, VPN, and a data recovery tool.

iTop VPN is an easy-to-use utility. To use this VPN, you visit the website to download it. Before downloading the software, you can pass by the blog section to peruse the several informative articles to learn more about this VPN and other useful tips.

The Free VPN

You can start with the free VPN, which you enjoy the free download VPN for PC from the website; no need for registration. You do not pay anything or share your credit card info. You install and launch and you are good to go.

The free version is good for beginners and light internet users. You can change your browsing location with the free VPN, and you have a 700MB daily data bandwidth.

Enjoy an 86% Discount by Going Premium with iTop VPN

The free version is not enough if you want professional services as it has limited resources. You can get more resources from this tool by upgrading to premium plans, where you will encounter impressive discounts.

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The plans vary from three to four. You have the 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month packages, with the occasional 3-month plan. Regularly, the plans go for $11.99 monthly, a reasonable price. The 3-month plan attracts a 50% discount, the 12-month a 65%, and the 24-month an 80% discount. You pay $6, $3.99, and $2.31 per month after the price cut.

The 36-month plan has the best offer at an 86% discount; therefore, you pay $1.66 per month for it. The following are the features you access by going premium.

  • Access to over 1800 VIP servers worldwide  
  • Amazing discounts
  • Improved browser privacy
  • Enhanced protection against malware threats, ads, and trackers
  • Auto connection to VPN
  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • Tenfold faster internet speeds

In case of a problem using this VPN, you can reach out to customer support for help. The support team is available round the clock and responds promptly to your queries. The other perk of the premium plans is the 30-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund within 30-days of your purchase. You can also change the plans at any time to a desired one.

Final Thought

If looking for a reliable VPN for Windows, don’t look past iTop VPN. It is a flexible and highly functional tool that will ensure your safety when on the internet. You should sample the free plan as a trial version, before going for the premium packages to benefit from the incredible discounts.

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