4 Important Questions to Ask When Selecting An Egg Donor

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Egg Donor: In general, experts advise couples to have IVF treatment if they have fertility issues like low sperm count, poor ovarian reserve, blocked fallopian tubes, and unexplained infertility. And as a couple, you decide to have IVF treatment in Kathmandu or your local town/city to move ahead in your family expansion plan. After retrieving eggs, experts at a fertility clinic advise couples to opt for an egg donor program when they notice the retrieved eggs are not healthy for fertilization and conception.

Egg Donor Requirments

Selecting an egg donor is usually a little tricky. However, having an idea about what questions you should ask can make this job easier and more convenient for you. Here are some questions that you should ask while selecting a donor:

1. Should I know the egg donor?

A lot of questions might be coming into your mind when it comes to choosing an egg donor. It is as you may want to know more about who would be the best option for egg donation. Some of you find taking eggs from an anonymous donor an ideal option as you do not want to have a connection between the child and the donor at the end of pregnancy or after delivery. 

On the other hand, some of you want to have a known egg donor and may take a friend or family member as the best choice. Deciding who will be a donor is a very personal topic. Both of you should discuss it in depth and come to a mutual decision. 

2. Should I value the physical appearance of selecting an egg donor?

There should not be such a requirement that states your child’s look should be similar to yours or your partner’s look. Even couples, who conceive naturally, might have no child similar to their physical appearance. However, you can consider physical characteristics while selecting an egg donor. 

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Suppose that both of you have brown hair. And if you want to have a little uniformity in your child, you should choose an egg donor with dark hair. In the selection of an egg donor, you can go through the childhood photos of donors to know how their physical characteristics would translate into your child. You can pay attention to points like age, nationality, and education if physical characteristics are not crucial for selecting an egg donor. 

3. What is the location of an egg donor?

At the fertility clinic, the doctor will help you make the list of eligible egg donors shorter. Some of you may be interested in finding the perfect match within a reasonable distance. If it is with you, there will be a need to limit your search radius. Usually, you should give more value to the donor who is the right fit for you instead of the location. 

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4. What should the donor look like in terms of personality?

In general, a fertility clinic keeps all the related information about an egg donor in terms of personality and medical history. Anonymous donors answer the questions regarding their personality or write a paragraph describing themselves. Going through the questionnaires or paragraphs of egg donors can help you assume the look of a donor if you do not want to see the donor physically. 

The 4 questions mentioned above are for selecting a donor. However, your mind might have many more queries. The additional questions might be the clinic’s outcome, number of eggs needed, egg donation cost, screening process involved in the egg donation process, etc. Working with your fertility clinic and doctor will help you go through the process successfully and get the maximum out of it.  

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