4 Incredible Tips For Choosing the Best Food and Drink on Board a Yacht Charter


Fine dining, gourmet dishes and fancy wines are some of the main and greatest pleasures of unforgettable luxury holidays. Yacht charter vacations allow tourists to discover unique local flavours at each port they stop to explore the wonders of marine life.

Aside from ports, luxury yacht charter services include fresh local produce from different destinations, new and outstanding cuisines, and Michelin-starred night times are all part and parcel of a world-class boat charter. For sure, you won’t miss to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Everyone can agree that a yacht charter vacation isn’t complete without the very best drinks and food. And chartering a boat is any foodie’s dream vacation, providing the opportunity to try an array of dishes and cuisines throughout the tour. From delicious Italian dishes to South East Asian local Thai street food, you’ll have to taste the world.

While the boat provides an unrivalled level of luxury and indulgence, the food and destination will also play a vital role in determining your yacht charter vacation experience. So food and location are key things to keep in consideration. But how do you choose the drinks and food on board a boat charter? Let’s look at expert-proven tips that can help you choose the best food and drink yacht charter vacation.

1. Pick the Right Location and Boat Chartering Company

Do you consider yourself a foodie? If yes, picking the right location and boat chartering company to complement your taste is vital. Maybe you’re an adventurous foodie eager to try unique dishes and local specialities, or perhaps you’re a fan of seafood, keen to access some of the most celebrated destinations in the world.

With onboard chefs ready to impress, they’ll utilise top-notch local produce to acquaint you with your destination’s unique flavours. From oriental spices to premium seafood, onboard chefs will know excellent ways to introduce your chosen location’s delights to you.

2. Stop at Each Port to Discover Unique Local Flavours

A yacht charter vacation cannot be memorable without having to try some of the unique local flavours.

From Michelin-starred eating establishments renowned for their world-class service to secret gastronomic treasures that locals favour, creative dishes and outstanding presentations – when going onshore, you’ll have many options for where to dine.

Your experienced captain will also recommend some of the top-rated restaurants using their many years of local experience and will be more than willing to arrange reservations should you want to dine onshore during your yacht charter holiday.

3. Choose Drinks and Food

Would you love to have a specific champagne bottle to celebrate your anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion? Or do you have your favourite snacks you cannot survive without? Whatever your needs and requirements, you’ll have the chance to order specific beverages or food before your yacht charter.

Also, this includes listing any requirements so that the onboard chef can make the required dietary changes to the menus to ensure everyone on board is comfortable, healthy and safe.

4. Paying for Drinks and Food on Board

Paying for Drinks and Food on Board

If you choose the best boat charter company, any beverages and food during your holiday will be covered in your APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance).

You pay for your APA before your vacation. This amount of money covers extra expenses incurred during your holiday.

It includes food and drink and fuel costs as well as berthing fees.

The Advanced Provisioning Allowance amounts to between 25 and 40% of the total boat rental fee. Any percentage of money that isn’t used during your vacation will be compensated at the end. And if your expenditure surpasses your APA amount, you’ll have to cover the extra expenses when you complete your boat charter holiday.

Are You Eager to Taste the World’s Delicious Food and Drinks During Your Boat Vacation? Partner With the Right Boat Company

The right boat company will make sure your vacation offers lifelong memories. With the right boat company, you’ll have not only top-rated onboard chefs but also unforgettable stoppages to try some of the most celebrated local dishes and beverages.

Also, you’ll enjoy unbeatable prices, additional perks and benefits, state-of-the-art customer support, safe bookings and verified boat owners and charter firms. A top company offers boat rentals for individuals with or without a captain’s licence.

That means they’ve got the chance to sail with the best captain in the world. Chartering a yacht with the world’s top-rated crew, including chefs and captains, allows you to taste the universe in terms of food and marine life.

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