It is a free email (webmail) tool provided by Microsoft. Microsoft acquired the email service in 1997 from its original developers – and rebranded it MSN Hotmail.

In 2013 it was rebranded as with unlimited storage, contacts and calendar management. As at today, if you open it redirects to


You can still create an email address but you can only sign in to However, you have the option to create an email account instead. Explained

Features and Benefits of (

Features and Benefits of (

Here are some of the features of (



Send, Receive and Reply to Emails

You can own your own email address with either or with unlimited storage. This will allow you to send and receive emails to and from your friends and family.


Manage Contacts, Schedule Meetings, Create Tasks

Even though it is free service, has all the tools you need to be productive.

Firstly, you can manage your contacts – name, email addresses and phone numbers. This makes it easy to email your contacts without needing to remember their email addresses. You can also create contact groups with multiple contacts – allows you to send email to multiple people in one go.

Secondly, it has an in-built calendar that you can use to schedule meetings, create and track tasks. Moreover, you can add multiple calendars – including birthdays.

Multi-Device Support & Security ( can be used from multiple devices – including Windows, MaciOS & Android and Web (via a web browser).

AD also comes with spam detection and filtering to keep unwanted emails from your account.

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