The Difference Between G Suite and Gmail Explained


G Suite is a suite of productivity and collaboration tools for business – developed by Google. G Suite includes business email (powered by Gmail), Calendar and Chats.

This productivity tool from Google also include – Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites and some other tools to help teams collaborate and improve their productivity. It also supports Jamboard and other enterprise grade tools like a central Admin console, VaultEndpoint, and more.


Depending on the G Suite plan you sign up for, each team member also get inconclusive cloud disk spaces. The Basic plan gives each added team member 30 GB Google Drive cloud storage. Business and Enterprise plans offer Unlimited cloud storage [Google Drive] (or 1 TB per user if the number of signed up team members is less than 5).

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What is Gmail?

what is the difference between g suite and gmail

To further understand the difference between G Suite and Gmail, this section explains Gmail and highlights some of its features.


Gmail is a free email tool developed by Google. It allows users to create a free email ( Then, use the email to send, receive and reply email messages.

Apart from sending and receiving emails, Gmail also includes, Calendar, Task, Chat and Google Meet (recently added to free Gmail).

The free Gmail does not directly bundle other Google’s productivity tools – Google Sheets, Docs, Slides and more. However, you can access these.

Finally, the free Gmail offers 5 GB of cloud disk storage (Google Drive). However, if you need more cloud disk space, you can buy more.


Difference Between G Suite and Gmail

What is Google G Suite - featured

This final section summarizes the difference between G Suite and Gmail. The table below highlights the major differences and similarities between these tools from Google.

Compared Features Gmail G Suite Notes
Email Available as a Free Personalized, business email ( for each included team member The free Gmail is NOT recommended for businesses. If you are a serious business, you should be using a professional email. Contact Us for help
Calendar, Chat and Google Meet Additional enterprise features available in G Suite – read the comparison to see the difference for Calendar
Google Docs and Sheets Even though these productivity tools are available on both, Google gives better attention to paying customers
Admin Console, Vault & Other Enterprise Tools G Suite has an admin console where the administrator can manage users, add create company-wide policies and more.
Create Mailing Groups The paid tool gives admins ability to create Mailing Groups (like shared mail box in Microsoft Exchange and Office 365)
Google Drive Storage 5 GB free storage Starts at 30 GB per user To add more storage to the free 5 GB storage, upgrade to Google One.
Jamboard Support To read more about Jamboard, read our Google Jamboard Explained guide
 Support Any of the G Suite plans gives you 24/7 support by phone, email and online.
If you need help setting up G Suite or Office 365 for your business, get in touch via our Contact Us page. We also offer PowerShell task automation.

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